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Does this look normal to you?


Introduction to Channeling

Everybody has the ability to receive information beyond the physical senses, foreknowledge and intuition are the beginnings of this ability. Some have practiced this skill until they are able to tune-in to information streams and verbally transcribe them.


The Lightsmith

The Lightsmith website contains the channelings of Michele Mayama and is maintained by her husband Chris LaFontaine. She began channeling in 1983 at which time she had been working for the Catholic Church. Her natural ability in conjunction with her almost two decades of practice provide her channelings with a very clear quality. The body of her work emphasizes Love, Mother Earth and personal transformation. What is presented below is the channeled response to a question concerning the nature and purpose of Chemtrails.

Your governments do not give the people of your country and of the world credit for being intelligent and able to make choices for yourselves. There are still acting in a paternal or patriarchal way. That is perhaps an understatement, but it is true. They have a great fear of bio-chemical warfare being used against your populations from those who are considered terrorists, out of their control. Even with their great CIA and other ways of penetrating to find out what's going on they are unable to do so. So out of fear they are distributing what they perceive to be somewhat like vaccines that you breathe in that will give you some protection to what are some of the known bio-hazards that could be also inhaled via the air. Therefore, that's why the vaccine, if you wish, is also distributed that way.

It will make you sick because it is toxic material with a certain amount of the bio-chemical substance, the toxin, involved so that you build up a certain resistance to it in small doses and then the hope is that there are enough anti-bodies that are created, just as a flu vaccine would create an anti-body, so then there is more resistance, more toleration of anything that might be distributed.

The problem is that those who are creating such weapons have a whole repertoire, and to vaccinate against one is really a moot point. It does not really affect the whole of what is possible. And fear, being what it is, is not a good place to act from in terms of how that might affect the whole. So what we would say is the intention is not "evil" in an old sense of the word...trying to harm...but rather to protect, but out of fear. The government is afraid that people would not be able to handle the information that they have, and that people would react with much fear....which is probably true. In the larger population there would be a panic of some kind. There are those, however, who are able to see differently.

Within perhaps five years there will be demonstrations of chemical warfare in your experience in the planet at large. Certainly not pleasant. The nature of the human seems to be.....and we wish is was not quite so much this has to demonstrate its power of destruction in order to set limits upon itself. Just as you did with your atomic destruction. Once it was demonstrated against a human population there was that which then said no, we will not do this, we will try to move into another place of wisdom and acknowledge that this needs some guidelines. The same will probably happen....not definitely, but probably... with the chemical destructivity.

Lightsmith Site, and Original Article, © The Lightsmith, used with permission.




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