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annouce ment

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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
annouce ment PostTue Oct 18, 2005 6:15 am  Reply with quote  

hier bush decreade today that if you do not remember where your job is
you can be replaced by a honduran
who can rape your house and car
but not your dog morgage
Veepresident Channie was umavailable for vomit as
una vomitor marklesky was upchucking the latest sky stats

across the planet widespread nausia was gathering as
mossade appeared to be getting readdy to suffer and die

in the latest scam of birrdy flew over the cuckolds nest

many were sean throwing themselves up over the tele
before din dins action even told them to

large aliegn creatures were scean changing gasoline station price fiqures
before dawn yesterday
yet almost nobody said a word about it

all forests have been declaired off limits to human beings
by the aliegn forest circus today in a mass beheading at bohiemian grove

all useres of undeclaired non stamped water were to be givin one week to give themselves up for UN lieniency, pending the decision of the biosperik council

this based upon the supeam corts action last weak declairing that the bio spheres air was not the common property granted to those born here
rather under roe verses wade
these vapors belong to those corporate powers

who bought them fair and square
at a bar (name with heald) somewhere near this galexy

all air will be removalated by november 1st 2006 (earth time)
a door to door search of human air horders will be instigated on holloween
"this will be no trick or treat" said gubrinator swartzzenager
dis is the gay state, not like lossiana, germinator arniold said

you all know that attourny general lubricants
in fact the whole legal staff
had to be terminated
but ve are harrpy to annopunce that must found verk at guantanimo

unt ve urt must graciouse unt anounce
a severance package to unt most uf those beink relocated
from our sacret bio sherik mutter land

and unt to the sacret tree and i pledge unto the striped sky
and shall we pray

"one wirld under total domination"
"in peace and annilation"
"i can't see across the street anymore"
"it is too hazey"
"give us the ability to snoop upon those library users"
"and others that stand in the way of"

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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
PostThu Oct 20, 2005 5:06 am  Reply with quote  

gaia ` the prime ministrator of earth extraction properties
felt that bush was decades in areears in the project shedual
bushes minions were delt with
yet the core "family' was retained
for the short term

project for a new planets atmosfearic coorinator
was oblitorated upon a sidewalk

new weblayers and global war ming ships were deployed
the earth based trees layed in record crops of nuts and wine grapes
in responce
earthbased oporatives turned their attentioinZ to
weapons of mass anianization
earthquakeing millions here, and drounding thousands there

bibal thumpers pointed to the last daze
but everyone was too busy pulling concreate blocks off the remaining chielderen
to notice

"but as" no one noticed.......
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