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Earth to Meteorological Community, La Nina ended 4/7/06

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Earth to Meteorological Community, La Nina ended 4/7/06 PostFri Jun 09, 2006 4:04 pm  Reply with quote  

As insurance underwriters continue to price this years insurance premiums based on a La Nina in the Pacific Ocean, a change in the ENSO cycle happened on April 7,2006. And while NASA continues to call this a La Nina, the truth is the Moderate La Nina ended on 4/7/06 and was replaced with a Moderate El Nino, practically overnight. What happened?
On the surface it would appear that the up welling process that forms La Nina stopped suddenly. But that means that the ocean controls the atmosphere. I dissent from that scientific opinion and say that the atmosphere controls the oceans. After analyzing my weather computer model using my "re-set" date theory. The shift occurred because of the weather modification done by the USAF March 6-13,2006 which killed almost a hundred people and left thousands homeless. The sudden shift from a Moderate La Nina to a Moderate El Nino first showed up in my weather model on March 15,2006 once the weather had returned to where it should have been. There are indications currently of a Strong El Nino brewing by late June. It's showed up in a couple of runs. Have to wait and see.

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