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The Mind Control of Charlotte's Web.

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The Mind Control of Charlotte's Web. PostSun Jul 02, 2006 5:18 pm  Reply with quote  

EB White's story "Charlotte's Web" is a wonderful metaphor about mind control. If your not familiar with the story, go see the new movie. I first read the book when I in the fifth grade, as a class assignment. The story is about a girl, a pig, and a spider. The pig becomes famous because the spider starts weaving words into her web. People begin to marvel over the pig, and it goes to the fair, wins, etc. In my fifth grade class, I asked the teacher why the people marveled over the pig. Why weren't they more amazed about the fact a spider could read and write in the English language? My teacher said, "Because the story is about a pig that becomes famous". I asked, "In that case, why is the book called 'Charlotte's Web', and not 'Wilbur the Famous Pig'? My teacher became angry, and said I too young and too dumb to understand such things. My classmates made fun of me, and I dropped the issue.

EB White was a Christian. I think the story is metaphor about how the devil manages to put the blinders on the sheeple. I think this world is about to under go a time/space inversion, and that Jesus has a new world waiting for anyone that believes in Him. It looks like the year 2009 will be the last chance anyone has to accept Christ as their Savior. You won't want to be on this planet after 2012. My dates are disputable, and may God forgive me if I am wrong. I don't intend to deceive anyone.

If your wondering what this has to do with the chemtrails, the answer is "everything".
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