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Does this look normal to you?

Silver Orbs

What are these Silver Orbs that are being spotted all over the U.S.?

While some apparent UFOs that appear in Chemtrail pictures may be artifacts due to motes on the camera lens, etc., many pictures show spherical or ovoid objects of a substantial size complete with an appropriate light shadow. Are these Orbs involved with taking measurements of the Chemtrail activity?



I have many photos of them, but I have only seen them twice with the naked eye. To tell you the truth, I had begun to think they were a camera problem, until I actually saw one, and I didn't have my camera with me. I can only summarize it by saying it was bright, circular and FAST. It seemed to follow an erratic path and I would lose sight of it and them see it in another place. It almost seemed to appear and disappear as though behind a cloud, except that there was no cloud where it was. I saw a second one in the wake of a huge chemtrail and ran home and got my camera. When I snapped the pic I didn't see any white ball, I just shot in the direction where I remembered seeing it, and it turned up in the photo. Mark, my guess is that these things are so fast and so erratic that if you see one or catch one on film, it's pure chance. If I had not been looking for these, no way would I have seen them.

Rick Moors


I am still trying to put together in my mind how I missed these when taking the photos. I guess at the time I wasn't looking for anything but planes. Anyway, I thought Jeff's web master did a great job of bringing out the shape of these objects. I guess I have got the full meal deal now, with all I have seen in the last few weeks nothing else would suprise me. We haven't been sprayed now (or at least from overhead) since I took these last photos. The spraying seems to be located more in the suburban areas now. I have been ready with my 300mm cam but so far just blue sky.




The odd thing is, whenever I have taken pictures of the Silver Balls, I was actully shooting the chemtrails, not even paying attention to anything else.




Well twice now, we have seen "balls" come floating thru the spread out trails. I have stills from digital camera and also video tape. Nothing in the pic to reference to, but I did emboss the digital and you can see something is darn sure there. My wife saw it first, said "whats that a chopper", I looked it was between two spread out trails when we first saw it. coming toward us. As it entered the trail, it seemed to dance around. After it came thru the trail it maintained straight and slow flight till it got directly above us. Thats when I took the pics, It stayed above us for approx 3 min, then moved to the East, directly toward Ellsworth AFB. I think they are a 'probe' of some kind. Looked small, BUT remember it was the same altitude as the spray plane. So actually, would have been larger than the Plane. Must be taking Samples of their dirty work, maybe.

Jim Mastin


My first contrail experience happened in November 99. I was driving my kids to church when we noticed a bright light falling from the sky. At first we thought it was a small meteor. It had a contrail coming from it, the strange thing is that nothing ever fell to the ground. I went on to church, all the while watching the sky. I dropped the kids off and returned home. I looked out my kitchen window and saw the contrail still lingering in the same place. Other clouds were moving in the sky , but this thing did not move. I called my husband in and told him what we had seen and showed him the contrail. We kept watching and saw a round nikel colored object start flying in and around this contrail. It was not any type of aircraft either me or my husband has ever seen before. We got out binoculars and watched some more. Then we saw military jets flying from east to west.




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