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Does this look normal to you?

WMC Chemtrail Story

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February 27, 2000, 5 Action News

Mike: Several times a week in the mid-south, if you look towards the heavens you will see extremely high flying planes criss-crossing the sky.

Ursula Madden: That's right, Mike. But some mid-south residents fear these planes are releasing chemicals that can actually make you sick. And Action News 5's Ben Watson has been looking into this. Ben, what did you find out?

Ben Watson: Well, Ursula, we're calling this report: A Mystery in the Sky. Now, some mid-southerners say it's happening right over your head. But not everyone believes it, but one things for sure, once you've seen this report you'll never look at the sky the same way again.

[Shows plane forming trails across sky.]

Ben Watson: Now, you probably recognize these two little white lines as the exaust that comes out of the back of a jet. Pilots call them contrails short for condensation trails. These thin plumes usually disapate in a matter of minutes.

[By the side of highway looking towards city, many trails can be seen running across the sky.]

Ben Watson: But look on this day and several others, disappation took hours and the plumes swelled to the size of small clouds. Clouds Valerie Simpson call Chemtrails.

Valerie Simpson: I've seen them since last...oh, for a year now and I've been going down hill physically for a year.

[Shows sky full of parallel lines, X's, and haze.]

Ben Watson: Simpson says when these formations are in the sky, she often takes pictures of them. Now, Simpson is convinced that a chemical is being sprayed out with the plumes and it's making her sick.

[Ben Watson at Valerie Simpson's home.]

Ben Watson: These Chemtrails, as you call them, what do they do to you? How do they make you feel sick?

Valerie Simpson: I can't say exactly.

Ben Watson: And while Simpson can't tell exact just how the clouds make her sick. She's convinced her illness is real.

Valerie Simpson: And I find drainage down my throat and headaches...very weak, I've been going weaker, getting weaker and weaker.

[Shows criss-crossing trails in the sky.]

Ben Watson: The flu-like symptoms Simpson and others blame on these clouds, fuels a growing debate, a debate about a mystery in the sky.

[Night Search Radio Show Studio] Caller: "I've seen the airpanes but I can't recognize them, they don't have any designation on them. They're not American Airlines, they're not Northwest...they're not any of us." Co-host Eddie Middleton: "Yeah, that's the big question."

Ben Watson: On Memphis weekly Night Search Radio Program callers from housewives to commerical pilots weigh-in on the controversy.

[Radio Studio] Caller: "Now you tell me what they are." Caller 2: "I wish I could." Caller: And how did it get in the air if it wasn't from a plane." Caller 2: "It's from an airplane." Co-host Barbra Luttrell: "There's no doubt about that..."

Ben Watson: The show's hosts say most callers are convinced the U.S. Military is somehow connected.

Eddie Middleton: Much like with the UFO phenomena, but we know that the government or certainly different agencies in the government know a lot more about what's going on with that than they will tell the public.

Barbara Luttrell: No one likes to believe that the government is capable of such a thing, no one, but they've done far worse.

Ben Watson: Canadian researcher William Thomas has been investigating the Chemtrail phenomena for several years and he claims that military fueling planes are responsible for these clouds.

[William Thomas on television show] "..and my research indicates that there is more than coincidence at work here.

Ben Watson: Thomas has published several papers on Chemtrails and written two books on biological warfare. He thinks these clouds are part of government experiments to control weather.

[William Thomas on television show] "..and yet all of this has been blacked out and is being kept from the taxpayer, who are presumably paying for this, if in fact the U.S. Governmment and Air Force are involved."

[Video of large X in the sky.]

Ben Watson: However, we found government officials very reluctant to talk about Chemtrails. The Air Force's Margaret Gidding says "the Air Force doesn't do anything other than a normal contrail, which is a vapor..." The FAA's Roland Herwig told us "...there is no truth to the Chemtrails theory." Meanwhile, William Thomas and some others are calling for investigations. Investigations that would prove whether this is just jet exhaust or a serious threat to human health.

[William Thomas on television show] "We want an explaination, we want some accountability, and we want it to stop."

Ben Watson: So now, what do you think? Is there such a thing as a Chemtrail or are those thin clouds in the sky just common jet exhaust? Well, some say it's a question that will be around for a long time. Now, for more information log on to our website at We're preparing links to websites that deal with the Chemtrail Issue, and this Mystery in the Sky. Ursula? Mike?

Ursula: Wow, incredible story Ben.

Mike: Certainly are a lot of links that deal with this subject so it's good that we'll...

Ben Watson: Yeah, more than I realized, about a half dozen.

WMC Homepage

Just a little note for Ben Watson: Google returns over 50000 hits for a keyword search on Chemtrail.



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