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Welcome to the X Network banner exchange

We would like to thank all our great members who participated in the X Network over these many years. Unfortunately the software systems that ran the network were very old and, due to changing technologies, no longer supportable. There is a chance we might redeploy with new software at a later date. Thanks everyone.

If you have a Paranormal, Mystery, Ghost, Cryptozoology, Mythology, Esoteric, Mystic, Psychic, Psionic, Spirituality, New Age, Crop Circle, Alien, Extraterrestrial, UFO, Conspiracy, NWO, Catastrophism, Earth Changes, Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, Alternative Health, Alternative Science or Alternative News website, and a 468x60 banner then you are invited to join the network to promote your site for free. Just register to obtain the banner code, then add this code to your webpages to begin earning credits for exposures right away. Accounts will be activated and bonus exposures granted after the banner code is properly installed, and banner and website are approved.

All new members receive 25,000 bonus exposures!!!

Exposures are earned for every click sent to the network. To make the X Network rewarding for websites of all sizes, the number of exposures earned is based on the number of daily exposures generated.

For each 1 click sent to the network...

Sites generating less than 1000 exposures per day earn 300 exposures.

Sites generating more than 1000 exposures per day earn 150 exposures.

Detailed daily and monthly statistics.

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